The Rock Candy’s Melted, Only Diamonds Now Remain

The title of this post comes from one of my all-time favourite songs, “Clarity” by John Mayer. I always go back to this song whenever I experience trying times. Times where I tend to worry. The entire verse that I wanted to put is:

I worry, I weigh three times my body.
I worry, I throw my fear around.
But this morning, there’s a calm I can’t explain.
The rock candy’s melted, only diamonds now remain.

I hate that I’m prone to worrying. Jesus tells me that I don’t need to worry – that my Father in Heaven will take care of me (Matthew 6:25-34). I’ve battled a lot of worrying in my life. Almost four years ago, I had a terrible bout of worrying that turned into panic attacks on a regular basis. When I look back, I had nothing to worry about – there’s only so much that is within my control.

Panic attacks are the worst. They’re the times in my life when I felt like I was literally going to die. It’s crazy that we can work ourselves into such a frenzy. Thankfully, God has taken me through that storm that lasted nearly a year or so. I don’t freak out nearly as often as I did back then, and I have God and my wonderful husband to thank for that. My husband is so calm, it’s ridiculous. Except when he’s playing video games :p.

Worry is something that I intend to fully conquer in my life. I know that I cannot do it alone, because I will only fail myself as I have before. With God’s help and strength, I can overcome it.

Thanks, John Mayer, for singing what I feel.

– j

Daily Prompt: This Is Your Song

p.s. – I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the music video for this song. Go ahead and enjoy :)


  1. Tea and Tao · November 13, 2012

    I know what you mean. Worry is the monster to defeat!

  2. dillydallygirl · November 13, 2012

    I hear you on this one, especially on how this song can instantly calm a worrier. This song’s my all-time favorite from John Mayer, too!

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