Staying Healthy in the Air

This has been one of the biggest challenges since becoming a flight attendant. It’s difficult to stay healthy, especially in this first year. I’ve already been sick – it was a cold, not a big deal. I don’t get to go to the gym as often as I’d like. Usually, when I get in from a trip, I’m exhausted. I use my days off to rest and recover. I’m always wary of using hotel gyms on layovers – they’re usually on a lower floor and far from anything else. So, not safe for a young woman to go by herself.

Also, the food. Good grief, there is a plethora of unhealthy (and expensive) options at the airport. When I go on a trip, I always bring apples and almonds for quick snacks. I have organic soups that I have for dinner and oatmeal for the mornings. However, if the hotel rooms don’t have microwaves (or charge ridiculous amount for them), then I’m out of luck. I find it difficult to pack perishable foods because my ice packs melt after a few hours. And if the room doesn’t have a fridge, then I’m back to square one.

All of you flight attendants, pilots, and frequent travellers, any tips on workouts, eating healthy, and the like are greatly appreciated by this newbie! Thanks ;)

– j


  1. Joe Owens · January 8, 2014

    I just recently completed a trip from Tri-Cities Airport in Tennessee to Charlotte Douglas and then on to Belize City. While we are on the plane a short time I know you as a Flight Attendant have a lot more chance of getting exposed to the maladies carried by your passengers. Here is hoping you experience a healthy and safe year in 2014.

  2. mylifeintheair · January 8, 2014

    I been flying 3 months and had the flu for 10 days from day 5. Block sinuses last week. Apparently we cop it big time the first year. I just do squats and lunges with small weights to build up my arms at home. I’m too exhausted to do anything after my shifts too. I’m naughty I eat the crew meals on the plane ☺️. Saves me $$ and time.

    • SousEtoiles · January 8, 2014

      I eat the crew meals too ;) I’m all about saving money! Sometimes, the portions are so big that I split it with another f/a.

  3. thelayoverlife · January 8, 2014

    Don’t use ice packs that you can’t re-freeze later. Get a medicine “ice bag” so you can keep refiling it with ice from the planes. :)

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